Spring Joys

Spring Joys

“Oh, spring! Why do you make us wait so long?” It has finally arrived and the daffodils are waving in the brisk breezes of the morning light.

As I begin my journey to the city and the day job, I look at the frilled yellow centers of the waving petals as they wish me well. I know they will be there when I return in the waning light of day, still visible for me to see. Waving and welcoming me home.

March and April went from snow to thaw to snow again with my hearty-stemmed spring joys braving the winter winds. I knew they would be there when the snows thawed and gave way to the warming sun.

It’s a seemingly silly thing that the annual pushing through the soil of yellow sunbursts brings such renewal to my sense of self. Whatever it may be, it seems fitting and centering and matters.

Spring. Daffodils. Everything.