Things That Bring Joy

Things That Bring Joy

Today is the day after Thanksgiving. I have the good fortune to be in Greenport, New York, a historic oyster harvesting and fishing village located on the North Fork of Long Island. The two and a half hour ride from New York City has transformed this once sleepy and very walkable village into a weekend escape by many, like me, who have discovered its charms.

Mid-morning has me winding my way to yoga class. The sunshine yellow leaves wave overhead as I pass beneath them as fully bloomed lavender shrubs scent my path. The boardwalk above the water’s edge gives me a full view of bobbing ferry boats loaded with cars arriving from Shelter Island’s shores. 

The little joys that a walk brings include passing a corner bungalow with a soaring red holly tree ready for the holiday season. The local free range chickens cross the street as if on cue. 

A quick stop at the local post office is needed to mail a letter. I’ve penned a note to my Uncle Arthur to share information I’ve learned about my Dad’s time in World War II in the Pacific. It will give us something to share when I call my uncle this week.

A few blocks away, I climb the steep wooden stairs of the former Masonic Temple now converted into a yoga studio. The instructor, Claire, welcomes us and begins practice with her patient introduction of basic stretches and important breathing exercises. After 90 minutes of stretching, breathing and stillness, I thank Claire for her guidance and care along with her wise and thoughtful studio stewardship.

Winding my way down the stairs following practice, a few blocks away is my local coffee shop. It’s always a joy to see Maggie, who manages the shop with her calm and elegant manner. The roses on the cafe’s tables complete the morning’s gifts.

The joy of walking while seeing what is along the way keeps me present.  It helps me to slow down and to experience what is in front of me step by step.

Though my existence may be small, I hope by a few gestures of sharing a letter, appreciating a teacher, thanking a shop keeper or smelling the roses, I’m bringing joy, too.



Photos by Joyce Sullivan, taken in Greenport, Long Island, New York, Saturday, November 25, 2017

Greenport Village Info:

US Navy Records shared by Patrick Ranfranz on Missing Air Crew site:

North Fork Yoga Shala with Claire Copersino

D’Latte Coffee Shop