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Roar With Me Now

Roar With Me Now

Posted By on Dec 8, 2015

What IS it about Tina Turner?

Singer. Dancer. Performer Extraordinaire. Life Force.  On November 26, 2015, Tina Turner’s 76th birthday made its appearance!TinaTurnerSimplyTheBest

Photo credit: My Publicist

What is it that so captivates her audience, her fans and those who come to life just listening to a shared YouTube video (thanks, Pamela Slim for this one!)

The vibrancy we all seek; to come alive feeling the pulse of life in every beat.

So, here I am rocking out ~ as best as I can from my interconnected life ~ feeling the energy in the virtual room with the audience on hand.

Are life and music all that different?

My sage for all things music is Gabriel Anderson, aka Gabe The Bass Player publishing a daily read on the entertainment business. Along with Seth Godin’s blog, Gabe’s post is my other daily must read. Deliciously devouring his perspective on all things in life and music captive me. Check out Gabe’s Likers & Lovers for what kind of music fan you are.

So, where’s this going?

Once upon a time I rocked out (well, rocked a little) in a folk rock group in my teens. My Catholic school girl buttoned-up nature didn’t quite prepare me for the scene, with my cats-eye rhinestone glamour-glasses demeanor. Having a song to sing, a guitar to strum and an audience to listen to me was my everything.


Photo credit: MCHS Shield

The rumbling rocker in me today, finds my own new vibe through connecting and reinvigorating dormant talents who once rocked their worlds.

Through unfolding and reweaving of storied tales, they come roaring back to life rocking out their talents.

Top-of-the-world visionaries, once idolized, startled by tides of turning cheeks, abruptly stall, lay dormant, barely looking up clinging to the belief they still matter.

With the faintest internal song still pulsing, these forgotten shadows, now dusted off, slowly renew that which gives them strength and purpose.

No one can take away that which roars within us.

Roar with me now.

Sing on Tina, darling.

I’m right with you.

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Monday morning. Fresh start. The world awakes. Birds outside my window search for ground seeds in the unfrozen earth. The garden, on first glance, appears to be a shadow of its former self when spring and summer and fall brought out its kaleidoscope beauty.

As many of you know, I revel in my garden with its pulsing colors and green growth. The cycle has now wound around to its fallow time. A time of rest. Though it may seem sad to no longer see the vibrant colors and waving green leaves that grace the Cliff Gardens, I am joyful for its silence as the growth begins again during the quiet time.


Learning this year of my own natural introvert wiring, I have found joy in the quiet, in the silence, where deep blissful thoughts slowly stir. It is in the quiet that growth will appear in its time. The rush to appear would be premature.

Let it rest, regenerate and come back to life again.

Until then, I wait.

Joyful in its silence.

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Write Every Day

Write Every Day

Posted By on Dec 5, 2015

This morning as I flipped through my daily twitter stream, sharing and retweeting others’ thoughts and links, I came across a tweet from Maria Popova aka @Brainpicker noting the 81st birthday of Joan Didion. The tweet struck me and I retweeted it with my own thought: “Write every day.”


It immediately garnered a few retweets and likes. Feeling proud to have been ‘heard’ by the social sharing world, I wondered:

“Why did I write this and why did it resonate?”

I don’t write every day and in fact, I write so seldom that it’s completely odd for me to be putting out imperative sentences on the topic.

So why now am I telling others to write every day? Perhaps it is advice to myself.

So here I am. Writing. With my own secret pact (well, not so secret now!) to write.

Life is full of frenetic activities. Getting up. Going about the motions. Reading what others are writing. Taking it all in. So much to absorb and share via social networks.  

But to take the time to reflect and ponder what makes me tick, dream, wonder, and thrive via the written word gets deferred to never.  

Until today.

I’ll take each day as it comes.

Today I’m writing. 

Do you write every day or wish you did? Interested to hear your thoughts.

Until next time…

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Getting my content to appear elegant and seamless across platforms is a challenge in our multiple device world.  I’ve been wrestling with this for a bit
and am today testing a new WordPress plug in that should do the trick.

Beta testing is key, so we’ll give this a whirl here to see if these YouTube videos render properly across mobile, tablet and desktops.

This is one of my all time favorites of Kate Sullivan from her early animation days. The sound of the wind and the wide-eyed sitting bird before being whisked away, always makes me laugh:

Celebrating “The Unfortunate Pigeon” on its five year anniversary!

My social media week talk at Baruch College on: “Making the Connection:

On the Apple Stage with amazing guest speakers, Kelly Hoey, Linda Descano, John Stepper, Lauren Wagner Boyman

Meet The Innovators: Social Banking

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Posted By on Jun 9, 2015


Sr. Renata, in her black and white body-encapsulating garb, rises above our first-grade-heads with the admonishment to not read ahead in our primers.

The verboten occurs.

I remove my reader from the space beneath my desk; it flops open to a somewhere-in-the-future page.

My eyes drift to the page with its jumble of letters falling into order with my newly acquired decoding skills turning letters into sounds.

The sur followed by prise come together.


The chaos of not knowing symbols fall away into images of gifts and birthdays and hugs.

Hide my joy as I enter the land I am forbidden to go.

Looking ahead.

Reading ahead.

No one else knows.

Now you know.

I know.


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Today, one of my online famous acquaintances stopped following my writing.

Hurling up from the darkest depths, my self-doubt demons got armchair comfortable.

Roulette wheel spinning round and round clicking and slowing on the reasons of my undesirability.

Will it land on…?

…shared too much

…shared too little

…boring content


…not controversial

…she’s a nobody

…she’s too full of herself


… Who?

The fear of not knowing. Not mattering.

Across my desk, the neon green back cover of “Icarus Deception” sports these red glowing words:


When I google “Art is Frightening” I came across a post from David Brazzeal leading me to Seth Godin’s blog post “Here I made this” is difficult and frightening.

Will everyone leave once they see my art?

Or, the better question is:

“Who will now arrive because of the art I create and share?”

Whether you stay, go or just arrived, thanks for being here now.

Today, I’m creating and shipping.


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